Upcoming Main Moon Phases

Upcoming main Moon phases

  • Last Quarter in Sagittarius ♐ on 26 February 2019
  • New Moon in Pisces ♓ on 6 March 2019
  • First Quarter in Gemini ♊ on 14 March 2019
  • Full Moon in Libra ♎ on 21 March 2019




How The 8 Moon Phases Affect Your Body And Mind

I am the moon and the moon is me… Humans, especially women, have long had a profound connection to the moon. We crave its attention, its guidance, and its mystic properties. We yearn for it, the same way others yearn for the welcoming warmth of daylight. We feel powerful under it — gaining energy and strength from her presence. It’s all a matter of learning how to live your life by each moon phase.

In astrology, the moon is considered female, presiding over our fertility, emotions, and monthly cycles. We are affected by her pull — receding and renewing as often as the tides. We find ourselves drawn between bouts of introversion and introspection and moments of extreme passion and energy.

Even history cannot deny the mystical role the moon plays on us. The word “lunatic” is derived from multiple languages in reference to the madness or hysteria. From the Old English “monseoc,” “lunatic” literally translates to “moon-sick”; and from the Latin word “lunaticus,” which originally referred mainly to epilepsy and madness, as diseases thought to be caused by the moon.

Greek philosopher Aristotle and Roman historian Pliny the Elder believed that because our brain was a “moist” organ, our minds were influenced by the pull of the moon in the same way the tides are.

In his paper, “Effects of Different Phases of the Lunar Month on Humans” Ujjwal Chakraborty states, “a large number of investigations have shown the association of different lunar phases with the mental health or physical health and diseases, physical activity pattern, and reproduction of humans.”

According to Elizabeth Palermo of Life Science, the similarity between the words “moon” and “month” are no coincidence. Each phase of the moon — new, first quarter, full, and last quarter — each occur, on average, once a month. Scientifically speaking, the phases are dictated by the distance between the sun and the moon and the light visible on the moon from Earth.

If it takes the moon 29.5 days to travel across the Earth, it’s during that full rotation that we will see each moon phase. Each phase occurs roughly 7.4 days apart and there are most definitely unique energies and spiritual meanings behind each phase — some of these science can explain and others is where belief, experience, and faith must take over.


You must learn to sit with restless, painful energy and not let the momentum pull you under and cause you to do the same thing over and over that’s ruining your life and the lives of those around you.

Candle Magick

Choosing a Candle

When it comes down to it, you can use any candle, even a birthday candle, to do spell work; but spellwork is an art, and like any art, if you have the right tools it is much easier to create what it is that you envision.

Quality really does matter. I’ve worked with hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of candles over the years and I love the candles that I work with because they are created with intention that supports your spellwork – When you choose the candle that is aligned with the work that you wish to do, you know that you are choosing a candle crafted with the correct colors, essential oils and herbs that support the work; one that is also poured at the correct time of the moon to activate what it is that you desire. When you start out with the correct tools, you give your work an amazing burst of power.

So, yes, to do good work, it is best to start with tools that are aligned with your intention. In addition, if you request it when you purchase your candle, I will also bless it with your specific energetic goals. You get the power of Three – the candlemaker’s energy, my energy and the energy that you put into your spell.

No matter what candle you choose, it is essential that it is a new candle, not one that you have burned before and especially not one that you have burned for another spell. You don’t want to confuse and dilute the energetic intention!

Should you choose a fast burning 6 hour votive or a larger 36 hour pillar candle? Check in with your inner guidance: do you want quick magic or do you want to build a long-lasting foundation? Only you know the answer. Let that be the guide for the appropriate size.


When Do I Light My Spell Candle?

There are two basic phases of the moon that can be harnessed for candle magic

Waxing Moon – The time when the moon appears to be growing larger, from New (dark) Moon to Full Moon.

Waning Moon –  The time when the moon appears to be growing smaller, from Full Moon to New (dark) Moon.

For Full Moon dates Click HERE

The Waxing Moon is the time to do spell work about invocation, attraction and bringing in; for example, attracting a lover or bringing in more abundance. 

The Waning Moon is the time to do spell work about clearing, removing and banishing; for example, clearing out negativity and removing unhealthy patterns. 

Some candles should ideally only be used at the Waning Moon (such aNs eeded Changes or Spell Reversal) or Waxing Moon (such as Attraction/Love or Money Draw) but others (such as Healing, which can be used to release disease or invite in health or Heart which can be used to heal or open your heart) can be used at either time of the moon.
It is best to light your candle toward the early part of the moon phase and completely burn it before the phase of the moon completes.

Ideally, to really create some powerful magic, first use a clearing candle in the Waning Moon phase, clearing the way for what it is that you wish to create in the Waxing Moon phase.

Here are some examples:

Waning Moon – Removing poverty-thinking
Waxing Moon – Creating abundance

Waning Moon – Banishing self-limiting beliefs
Waxing Moon – Inviting success

Waning Moon – Clearing out old relationship baggage
Waxing Moon – Attracting a soulmate into your life

Altar Preparation

Prepare an altar space in your home on a small table or nightstand. Using water and a paper towel, wipe down the area of your table that you intend to use as an altar in a counter-clockwise motion, with the energy and intent that you are clearing space for your magical work. Arrange your candle in a votive candle holder, jelly jar, or cup (anything that will contain the wax as it melts), along with anything else that represents the work that you are going to do on the altar in a way that is pleasing to you.

Candle Preparation

Unwrap the candle (be sure to remove the plastic wrapper too) and sit with the candle in your hands and meditate on your intent. Take a pencil, knife or some sharp object and carve words representing this work into the sides of the candle.

Anoint your candle with an appropriate oil, stroking it in a downward motion for clearing or an upward motion for attracting. After anointing your candle, you are ready for the spell.

Raising Energy and Spell Casting

Place your candle in the holder. Light incense that is pleasing to you and use it to clear the energies surrounding you and your altar space.

Raise your energy through dance, chanting, singing, visualization or whatever gets your vibration up high. When you feel you are at a peak, light your candle and speak your spell words.

Once you have taken several moments to appreciate your work, ground your raised energy by imagining it returning back to Mother Earth through your feet (and your hands, if you want) on the floor. Eating something will also bring you back down to a grounded level.

Candle Maintenance

Your candle will need to be put out when you leave your house or go to sleep, but the effectiveness will remain if you snuff your candle instead of blowing it out. When you need to snuff your candle, use a shotglass, cup, dish, candle snuffer or pinch out the candle with moist fingers. Do not blow out the candle. Say, “I thank you, powers of earth, water, fire and air” or to whatever deity/deities you are aligned with.

When you relight your candle, repeat the key message from your spell in a few words or a sentence.


When your candle has completely burned down (ideally, before the end of the moon cycle) take any remaining wax out of the holder. This wax may be given back to Mother Nature by burying in the ground.  For a invoking/bringing in candle, bury it on your property or close to your home; for a clearing/banishing candle, bury it somewhere away from your home or leave it in a crossroads. Your spell work is complete, your work now is to envision, expect and receive the positive results.


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